We are a professional Denver, Colorado based, family owned & operated, animal, wildlife & pest control company.

We specialize in removing the problem critters, permanently repairing any entry areas and cleaning up any mess they've left behind.

For most animal problems, once we are done with the preventative repair work, we cover the entire house for future same-species animal removal & exterior repairs for as long as you own the home.

We work with Denver area homeowners, property managers, business owners and management companies to permanently solve Colorado's animal & pest control problems. We are fully insured, certified, & experienced to handle all wildlife situations.

We promise to solve your animal, pest or critter problem in the most effective, humane, industry-correct & cost-efficient manner possible.

Our business is built on referrals. We treat every house as if it's our own.

All of our employees are drug-tested, background checked, are fully trained and certified in wildlife removal.

We focus in the control, removal, permanent prevention, repair of exterior entry areas and waste clean up of the following animals and pests:

Squirrel control & removal from the attic or walls
Bat control & removal from the attic or walls. Guano clean up/sanitation
Raccoon control & removal in the chimney, attic or under a deck/patio
Pigeon/Bird control & removal on the roof or in the attic. Dropping & waste clean up
Mice/Mouse/Rodent/Rat control & removal in the home, walls, garage, attic or crawlspace
Bee/Wasp/Hornet control & nest removal around your home
We can repair any exterior entry areas as well as full animal proofing. We also clean up the mess they made. We also offer a "Lifetime Home Guarantee" that covers the entire house, not just what we fix.

We solve local wildlife problems that can be fixed once and fixed right.