Bat Control, Removal & Guano Clean Up Services

We offer a professional, complete, permanent solution to your bat pest control problem in the Denver area.

We get rid of all the bats living in your attic, perform all the necessary exterior repairs to permanently keep
them out and clean up any guano waste they have left behind.

What They Do:
There are many species of bats known to live in Colorado. The most common is the little brown bat. All of
which migrate through (or live in) Colorado. We usually start to see bats in the DFW Metroplex area around
April. They live here temporarily and usually leave the state around Sept. They're smart, they leave before the
cold weather hits. They can be found in every habitat - from the eastern plains to the low wetlands and
western deserts, from rural, eastern Colorado to downtown Breckenridge. All of our bats eat insects; they play a valuable
role in ecosystems by helping to control insect populations. A single bat can eat 500+ insects in one night.

Bats will take up residence in your attic, floors, walls or chimney for shelter. They will also 'roost' in
semi-enclosed areas, under decks and in attics. They need a dark place to raise their young.

Bats are the #3 carrier of rabies in the United States and can be dangerous if you come into contact with them.

What We Do:  
Bat exclusion work is a three step process.

The first step is removing all the bats from the wall, floor or attic. There are a few ways to do this depending
on the situation. We typically install bat excluders to remove the entire bat colony. These are essentially a one
way door that allows the bats to leave the attic but they cannot return. We do not use any kind of ultrasonic
devices or lasers. We've been in this industry for many years and I've never heard of an ultrasonic or laser
device that works. It sure would be nice if it were that easy to get rid of bats.

The second step involves sealing up any entry points the bats were using as well as any gaps, cracks or holes
that they could use in the future. After we've done this, the colony of bats living in the attic have one
option......leave through the doors. They can't re-enter through any other areas once they have been sealed
up. This is the fastest and most humane way to evict the bats that are living in your attic.

The third and final step is cleaning up/decontaminating any of the toxic guano waste/areas that they have left

About Bat Guano Clean-Up:
Bat dropping is called guano. After a year or two, the bat guano will develop a fungus which can release
deadly spores into the air that can cause histoplasmosis in humans. It is very important to have the guano
removed from the attic once the bats have been removed. If guano becomes airborne and inhaled, it can
possibly be fatal.

Removing bat guano requires a multi-step process. Here's how we do it:

1. Remove and dispose of all visible/accessible guano and contaminated insulation.
2. Apply a decontaminate/sanitizer to the entire area.
3. Permanently seal all brick, wood or drywall. Deodorize entire attic.
4. Pesticide fog the attic/interior which kills any airborne infectious contaminates.
5. Re-insulate if necessary
6. Pressure wash exterior/roof if necessary.

We can also perform a full attic restoration (if needed).

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Due to the variables involved in bat control, it is impossible to price any of our services without looking over
the job. We offer a free, no-obligation inspection to determine the cost/procedure for permanent bat
prevention/clean up.

Lifetime on bat re-entry into the entire structure.