Mice/Mouse Control, Extermination, Repair & Clean Up Services

The majority of our business is mice control work. We offer mice, mouse & rodent control, removal, prevention, entry hole repair, exterior seal up, extermination and waste dropping clean up in the Denver metro area.

What They Do:
Mice and rodents get into houses, attics, walls, floors, basements & crawlspaces looking for food and shelter.
The house mouse is remarkably well-adapted for living year-round in attics, garages, walls and other structures.
Homeowners are especially likely to notice mice activity during late fall, following their fall migration indoors in
search of warmth, food and shelter. In Denver, the time of year varies. Once we start to get temperatures
below 40, the mice will start to look for shelter. Unfortunately, it may be in your home. Once mice become
established inside a home, they can be extremely difficult to control. Mice reproduce 6-8 times per year. House
mice can gnaw through electrical wiring, drywall and wood support beams. Since they are a rodent, they will
continue to chew in order to grind down their teeth. Mice also can transmit diseases, most notably salmonella.
The droppings they leave behind can also pose a health hazard.

What We Do:
We offer a total solution to your mice, mouse or rodent problem. The first step with rodent control is to eliminate
the mice living in your home.

There are multiple ways of doing this. We use many different types of baits, live traps, snap traps and repellents.
The most effective way of extermination is to use poison baits. When we do this, we have a licensed professional
place the bait in boxes that children or pets cannot get into. We also use a mild bait that cannot cause secondary
toxic transfer (ie, your dog eats a poisoned mouse). The poison bait is digested and dissolved inside the mouse.

We check the bait stations weekly. Once we have eliminated the problem mice, there will be no chewing on the
bait, the noise in the walls, floors or attic goes away and you don't see any mice in your house, we can then repair
all the foundation gaps, cracks and voids they were using to enter your home by way of what's called a rodent
seal-up/rodent proofing. This is a complete seal up of the exterior which we repair all entry areas. This service
also excludes rats and snakes. It also may cut down on any bug or spider activity inside the home.

Pricing: The baiting & trapping charge is a flat $275. This eliminates all the mice in and around your home. In most
cases, it will take anywhere between 4-10 trips out to re-bait to solve the problem. The cost is the same no matter
how many trips we make. Once that is finished, we can do the exterior seal-up, clean-up or attic restoration.
Typical costs for mice elimination & seal up of a 1500sf home usually runs $400-$700. Once we look it over, we
can give you a total cost to solve the problem once and for good. Each house is different.

Mice are very unique in the fact that they can be found anywhere from the crawlspace to the attic. Each home is
different and requires a different plan of action to keep them away for good.

We can also clean up any droppings left by mice, rats or rodents. We can also bid this work at the time of

Our Guarantee: Once we are finished with the mice extermination and exterior repairs, our lifetime warranty
covers if you ever have another mice problem in your house or business, we take of it at no cost to you.