​Wildlife Control Services Pricing/Costs

Squirrels:   Removing all the squirrels from the attic is $275.
                     All repairs are quoted at the time of inspection.

Pigeons:     Repairs, bird spikes, screening, netting, repellents, trapping,
                     deterrents and clean-up are quoted at inspection.

Bats:            Repairs, repellents, screening, exclusion & guano clean up are quoted at inspection.

Raccoons:  Chimney: $475 complete removal and permanently screen chimney
                     Attic: $375 complete attic removal (all raccoons). Repairs are quoted at inspection.

Mice:           $275 Multiple baiting treatments. This eliminates all the mice.
                     All repairs are quoted at inspection.

Wasps:        $150 treatment/nest removal.
                     Covers treatment or removal of the nest.
                     We do not treat or remove honeybee nests.

Rats:            Call for details

Trip Charges: We do not have any trip charges.

Repair Work: Since the damage caused by animals entering your home and is specific to each
situation, repair work, clean up and repellents can only be accurately quoted at the time of inspection.
If you call the office and explain the situation, we can give you a general guideline as to what it will
cost to permanently rid your house of animals and pests. We are more than happy to do a no-charge,
on-site evaluation to give you an exact cost.

Warranty:  All of our repair work is guaranteed for as long as you own the home.

Have you already had a company out to bid your work?: If you have already had another pest, animal or
wildlife control company out to your home for a bid and you want a second opinion, call us. We will do
a thorough inspection and give you a firm cost to permanently remedy the problem. There is no cost
to you. We will also credit any inspection fee you have paid to our services.

Payment: We do not require any payment up front. Once the problem is resolved and the work is
completed, we ask for the full balance by either check, cash or credit card.