Raccoon Control, Removal, Repairs & Waste Clean Up Services

Our company offers a professional, complete, permanent solution to your raccoon control problem in the
Denver metro area.

We offer raccoon pest control, removal, trapping, prevention, chimney cap installation, exclusion,
permanent exterior repairs, including safely removing a raccoon family from the chimney or attic.

What They Do:
Raccoons are nocturnal. In Denver, raccoons typically breed sometime between Feb-June. During those
months, the female will do one of three things:
Drop down an open, wood-burning chimney, get into an attic or move under a deck or porch. She needs a
quiet, secure place with well-regulated temperatures to have and raise her young. Raccoon babies tend to
make a 'chirping' or 'screeching' sound. If your hear that sound, the offspring have been born. We try to
remove and relocate the entire group as a family.

Raccoons are the #1 host of rabies in the United States.

What We Do:
We remove all of the raccoons from the attic or chimney and repair the entry holes so they cannot return.
When a mother raccoon has her young in your chimney, attic, under a deck or elsewhere, we need to do a
couple things:
First, we need to identify where she is keeping the young. Then, we need to remove her and the group at
once then perform the necessary repairs.

There are a few different ways of doing this. Most of which depends on where she is keeping the babies.
We can use a raccoon eviction fluid (fox/coyote urine), one-way doors, live trapping or physical removal.
With most jobs, we may use a combination of the above procedures. Your situation will determine the
appropriate steps. The cost is the same no matter which method we use.

Chimney/Fireplace: To remove a family of raccoons (however many there are) living in the chimney and
permanently screening/capping the chimney opening is a flat $500.

Attic: Complete raccoon attic removal is $375. All repair costs can be quoted at inspection.

Our Guarantee:
Once the raccoons are removed and the repairs are completed, if you ever have a raccoon re-enter the
attic/chimney, we remove the animal & repair any entry holes at no cost to you.