Rat Control, Repairs & Waste Clean Up Services

Rat Problem?! We offer rat services that include: Control, removal, prevention, entry hole repair, exterior  
seal up, extermination and waste dropping clean up in the Denver metro area.

What They Do:
Rats invade houses, attics, walls, floors, roofs and garages looking for food and shelter.  Rats invade these
spaces for a variety of reasons including warmth, food and shelter.  This activity is more prevalent during
cooler temperatures.  Once in the home, rats are difficult to control as they reproduce 4-6 times per year.  In
addition to being unwelcome house guests, rats are destructive.  Rats will gnaw through electrical wiring,
drywall and support beams.  Rats also transmit diseases, most notably salmonella.  The droppings left behind
can also be an additional health hazard.  See www.CDC.gov for more details about transmitted rat diseases.

What We Do:
We offer a total solution to rat control.

The most effective way to exterminate rats is to use poison baits. When we do this, we have a licensed
professional place the bait in secured boxes that are safe for children or pets. This will eliminate all of the
rats that taking up residence in your home.

We check the bait stations bi-weekly. Once the problem rats are eliminated from your home, we can then
repair all the entry points including: foundation gaps, holes, cracks, voids and crevices. This will ensure that
no more rats will invade your house in the future.

By bid only.

Our Guarantee:
We include a lifetime warranty for rat intrusion and exterior repairs.  There will be no charge for        
work completed as long as you continue to own the home.