Squirrel Control, Repairs & Clean Up Services

Our company offers a complete, permanent and professional solution to your squirrel control problem in the
Denver area.

We get rid of all the squirrels that are living in your attic or walls and permanently repair the entry areas they
made so they can't return.

If you have an animal in the attic, there is a very good chance it's squirrels. We remove the squirrels, control
the problem, repair any entry areas and clean-up any mess they left behind.

What Squirrels Do:
Squirrels get into your attic to escape from the cold, store food and breed. They typically don't live outside
in the tree nests they build over the winter. When the temperatures decline, they need a place to go to
make it through the winter. Once the cold weather starts to move into the Front Range, they will either chew a
hole, find a roofing gap or drop through an attic vent to seek warmth inside your attic. Unfortunately, attics
are perfect for squirrels because the winter temperatures are consistent, it's dry, quiet and no other animals
bother them.
Once inside, they pose additional problems. The Fox squirrel breeds twice a year around December and
March. Each breeding season yields 3-5 offspring. Squirrels teeth continuously grow. They must to chew to
grind them down. This isn't good, especially on support beams, electrical wiring or phone lines in your attic.

What We Do:
We first need to figure out how the squirrels made their way into the attic. We first do a complete roof to
ground inspection of your property that will determine the entry locations. We will then remove the group of
squirrels (making 100% sure there are none left in your attic including any babies). After that, we can repair
all the entry holes, gaps and vents they were using as their entry into the attic (squirrel proof the entire
house). Most of the time we try to use one-way doors to remove the squirrels. It's a device that lets anything
in the attic, out, but they cannot re-enter through the door. This is the most humane way of removing
squirrels from an attic according to the Humane Society of the United States. It's more effective and less
costly than live trapping.
We can repair any kind of structure: single family homes, residential, condos, townhomes, duplexes,
apartments, commercial, property management, rentals & historical society buildings.
We can also properly clean up any mess they left behind.
Please note: We do not offer squirrel control services for looped Spanish tile roofs.

Our Company Guarantee:
It's simple. Once we finish the squirrel proofing, we warranty that you will not will have another squirrel in
your attic. In the event that a squirrel chews a new hole and makes it's way back in, we will remove the
group and do any additional repairs at no cost to you. We cover the entire house, not just what we repair.

The removal of all squirrels from the interior attic, walls or floors is a flat $275 no matter how many animals
are living inside. All repair work will be quoted at inspection. We do not charge an inspection fee. It's
impossible to 'guesstimate' the total over the phone or internet. An inspection usually takes 30 minutes to
figure a cost to permanently resolve the problem.

Each house and situation is different and may require different ways to achieve a resolution. If you need
squirrel pest control, squirrel removal or help getting rid of squirrels in the Denver metro area, give us a
call today to schedule a no-obligation inspection.

What Doesn't Work: Electronic squirrel pest repellers of any kind. There are different types, some are
ultrasonic, some make noise and others have bright strobe lights. Rodent strobe lights, expellers,
ultra-violet, UV-sensitive, stealth etc, etc, etc. It's a new gimmick every year. We have tried some firsthand
and simply put, they don't work. The repellent sprays also have no effect on the squirrels. Don't waste your
time and money on these type of products. If the electronic & strobe light repellers did have any effect, the
squirrel would just move to another area of the attic to live. If you put the repeller or spray repellent near
the entry hole, they will just chew another hole on another part of the roof and that creates a bigger
problem. Bright strobe lights, noise or vibration will not scare an animal out of your attic. Do an internet
search for 'squirrel repeller reviews'.
It sure would be nice if it were that easy to get rid of squirrels. If so, we could just install the latest gizmo
and never have to worry about it again!

Preventive Steps: There are two things you can do that will lessen the chance of squirrels getting into your
attic. The first is do not feed wildlife. Bird feeders are the biggest problem. Even though there are some
which squirrels can't get into, they will eat the seeds that the birds drop or discard. This provides a
consistent food source. The squirrels will sit on your roof and watch the feeder. As they spend time up
there, they will end up chewing a way into the attic. Now they have food & shelter!

The second thing you can do to keep squirrels off the roof is to trim back any trees. Although, in most cases,
it's difficult to trim back all trees 15 feet from the house. Squirrels will build big tree nests which they use in
the summer and end up on the roof looking for a new place to breed in the fall.