Wasp/Hornet Nest Removal Extermination Services

We can get rid of the Bees, Wasps and Hornets nests around your home in the local, Denver metro area.

What They Do:
Wasps, Bees & Hornets usually will nest in the edges of sofits, eaves & attics for protection. They like dark,
enclosed spaces to build the honeycomb/hive. Occasionally, they can get into the house through gaps,
outlets, light fixtures, etc. 75% of our calls are for paper wasps. They like to build nests under the peaks of
sofits or just inside the gutters. In most cases, they build a honeycomb and then encase it with a paper-like
coating. This is a cellulose based wrap that the wasps excrete after chewing on wood, paper & trash. It
protects the nest.

What We Do:
We will treat the entry/exit point they are using with several different types of chemicals. They key to
getting rid of them is to use products which have a residue that sticks to the openings and will be taken
back to the queen. Eliminating the queen and any pregnant females is the key to eliminating the problem.
This insures that the whole colony is exterminated. It will also help with any new colonies that try and
re-build. If the nest is accessible, we will remove it and treat the area which deters them from rebuilding.
Unfortunately, we cannot 'treat the whole house'. We wish there was a product that could do it. It would
make everything much easier.

$150 which covers treatment of the nest on your home and includes any additional follow up treatments in
the same calendar year if they rebuild in the same spot.

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to eliminate wasps, etc from building nests on your home. We do
cover any retreats for the remainder of the calendar year for the areas we treat.

What Doesn't Work:
Traps. In almost all cases, the yellow traps that hang from a tree are useless. They only trap what flies
nearby and will almost never trap the queen. Spraying them down with a hose only make then more
aggressive. The sprays that are available  from the hardware store work great if you can spray the whole
can into the nest or gap. The problem is that you usually can't get close enough to properly spray it.
Spraying the ones that are flying around is ineffective.

Please note: We cannot remove honeybee nests. In most cases, this will require major demolition to
remove the honeycombs. We recommend calling a beekeeper.