Attic Restoration & Waste Clean Up Services

We offer complete attic restoration, contaminated insulation removal, clean up, decontamination &
re-insulation services in the Denver front-range area.

When pests such as: squirrels, bats, mice, rats, pigeons & raccoons have been living in you attic, they can
create a huge mess witch can be a major health risk. If the animals have been living in the attic for an
extended period of time, they can contaminate the insulation with their urine/feces. There also could be
dead animals in the attic which compounds the problem further and may lead to odors, smells & airborne
toxins which can ultimately be inhaled which can cause sickness. In severe cases, the droppings/scat can
build up so much that it stains the interior drywall ceiling or cause it to collapse altogether.

The good news is that in most cases where an animal has been living in the attic, you won't need a full attic
restoration. Occasionally, we can spot clean attic space if the animals are confined to specific areas.

The process for an attic restoration is as follows:

1. Remove all living animals and perform all necessary repairs

2. Remove dead animals, nesting material, eggs, etc

3. Remove and dispose of all existing contaminated insulation and animal waste with a truck mounted
vacuum system.

4. Encapsulate and seal any infected drywall/beams that have animal waste staining/residue.

5. Fog the entire attic with a Cypermethrin fogger which kills any airborne bacteria, spores or mites

6. Apply a deodorizer fogger which helps with odor control and counteracts with any leftover odors

7. Re-insulate the attic to recommended R-value

Pricing varies considerably and can only be determined after we look the project over. The type and amount
of existing insulation is a major factor for time/cost. There is blown-in, rock wool, vermiculite, fiberglass
batts/roll-in, cellulose or loose fill. The type and amount of animal droppings has an effect as well: bat guano,
raccoon droppings, squirrel scat, etc. Bats tend to leave the biggest mess of all.

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In some cases, this may be covered by your homeowners insurance.