Why Choose Us?

As a family run, Denver, Colorado small business, we keep things simple and honest.

We are fully insured, certified and qualified to handle all of your animal or pest control problems. We
remove the problem animals, repair the existing damage and clean up any mess they've left behind.

You will save time, money and headaches by choosing us. We treat every house as if it's our own. We
guarantee all the repair work we do for life. More importantly, we honor it. We are also one of the only
companies that post our pricing online as well as offer entire home coverage with our warranty. We never
charge inspection fees.

We only resolve animal and pest control problems local to Denver and the surrounding areas. All
of our clients are Denver area homeowners, business owners, landlords and property managers. We
are not an out of state franchise with a 1-800 number. We live where we work.

1. Do some research on the company. Check your local BBB, ask for references of
completed work you can view. Ask friends & relatives if they have used a company
that treated them right. Look for a local company with a solid track record. 1-800
numbers or answering services are a red flag.

2. Make sure they are properly licensed & insured for the work. Any wildlife control
company can email you copies of the paperwork or provide it at the time of inspection.

3. Get a firm bid in writing. If repair work is involved, make sure you have a total price.
Don't sign up with any company that cannot give you an exact bid for how much it will
cost to resolve the problem. Signing an open-ended contract gives the company total
control for what they can charge. The initial bid may double or triple from what the
initial agreement was.

4. Call different companies and get a few bids. Most pest control service companies
do not charge for an inspection. Have 2-3 companies come out to inspect the
problem. Or, just open the yellow pages and start making some calls. You should be
able to get some basic pricing and information over the phone, such as: animal
removal costs, repair work pricing and trip charges as well as how they go about
solving the problem. If they won't disclose any pricing over the phone, or charge for
an inspection, look elsewhere.

5. Hire a company that guarantees their work. Make sure to read all the fine print and
have them point out exactly where their warranty is on the contract and what it does
or does not cover.

6. Don't pay anything up front. This is a no-brainer. Pay the full amount upon
completion, not before. If any company wants to charge you an 'inspection fee' to
evaluate the problem. Pass. There are plenty of reputable companies who will do it at
no charge. You shouldn't have to pay any kind of up-front money just to get a

7. Don't sign up if you are uncomfortable. You always have time to think it over. In
almost all cases, an animal in an attic is not an emergency. They have usually been up
there awhile. Don't fall for the line: "We will give you 10% off if you sign up today."